Our car appraisers put your vehicle through a detailed process, ensuring you get fair market value. The process in determining your offer will include running your vehicle information through our industry specific software and a hands-on inspection of your car, truck or SUV. Since every vehicle is different, our appraisers focus on:


    • Year, make, mileage and trim level of your vehicle
    • Interior/Exterior condition
    • Aftermarket modifications
    • If factory recommended maintenance has been done or needs to be done
    • Test drive your vehicle to check for mechanical issues
    • Check your vehicles history report via CarFax for possible flood or frame damage and any accidents along with service records.

    We use a computer program specifically designed to research other vehicles (over 20,000) similar to yours to get the most current and accurate data. Your vehicle is compared against all current and accurate market conditions, such as sales trends, demand in the market and all major auction data.



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